Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley might not return for 'Divergent' TV movie

News that the final installment of the Divergent film series will take an unexpected detour into the realm of television came as a surprise to fans and cast members alike last month, but Lionsgate executives insist the future is still bright for the post-apocalyptic franchise.

Teller is now doing the publicity rounds for his upcoming film War Dogs and spoke to Variety - who broke the initial news about the series move to TV - and The Hollywood Reporter about his surprise, and also whether or not he would take part in the final installment given it's new incarnation.

And hey, maybe one of those 12 networks will bite and be willing to not only fund a TV movie and/or single season that finishes out the Divergent movies (again, it's unclear how to do this if you can't get any of the cast back), but also continue the story with a spinoff series.

Although Miles Teller may not be the first actor from the Divergent series to express doubt about returning, he does seem to be the first to really open up about the entire situation. "It caught us all by surprise".

No casting announcements have been made, and it's uncertain whether lead actress Shailene Woodley will return. "I honestly haven't talked to anybody".

Ascendant, which has yet to be filmed, had previously been set for a June, 2017 theatrical bow, but studio bosses at Lionsgate are said to have reworked their release strategy following the disappointing box office performance of the previous instalment, Allegiant, which grossed just $176.9 million (£134.9 million) worldwide following its debut in March (16). "I honestly haven't talked to anybody".

However, despite his uncertainty about what role in the franchise going forward, he was also quick to comment about the good times he had with the series and the actors who worked on it, saying "we all really enjoyed that time we spent together and those characters". "We all signed on for it in hopes that it'd be released in theatres, and we all had every intention of finishing (the franchise)". Both Woodley and Teller said they didn't know yet if they'd be back.

Vanessa Coleman