Microsoft's Edge browser comes to Android

As with Edge, the important part of the Launcher is the cross-device experience. The shining feature for the mobile Edge browser is that users will be able to open pages on their mobile app and then open them on their Windows desktop PC for easy syncing. Windows Insiders with an iPhone can already sign-up for the preview through Apple's TestFlight on iOS 11.

The software giant just announced plans to bring its Edge browser to iOS and Android devices. We think it's the most lovely (based on Fluent design), customizable, powerful launcher available.

Those using the Arrow Launcher beta will automatically get Microsoft Launcher today.

Microsoft has quietly sprung a pleasant surprise by releasing a new launcher for Android. This allows users to seamlessly switch from Edge on iOS or Android to the Windows 10 version, picking up right where they left off.

Right now the Microsoft Launcher is held in beta through the Play Store, but you can easily sign up and download it today, along with the company's Edge browser which is also now on Android. If not, what do you think the best mobile browser is?

The product push across ecosystems reflects both Microsoft's abandonment of the Windows Phone and the need to grow users particularly for Edge. Also included in the mobile version of Microsoft Edge is voice search, QR code scanning, and InPrivate browsing. It's being rebranded under a new name and some new features and enhancements.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Launcher is already up in Google Play for U.S. users.

The customizable Feed that you can set up with Microsoft Launcher is great however, one disappointment is that the To Do list is not tied into the Microsoft To Do app. When connected with Microsoft account, it brings your calendar and emails without a hassle.

The continue-on-PC functionality also comes with Microsoft Launcher for Android, which takes advantage of that platform's ability to let users customize the launcher displayed after a phone's home button is pressed.

Vanessa Coleman