Microsoft Surface Phone All Set to Arrive In 2017: 8GB RAM, 512GB Storage, More

The Surface Phone is rumored to arrive next year and is expected to share the same design elements as the Surface Pro tablets.

It would be the third device in the Surface series of devices.

The Surface Phone is now being rumored to being developed under the code-name Juggernaut Alpha.

Microsoft has been anticipated to take things to the next level with the Surface Phone, and it has been expected that the device would be coming out with several changes than the previous Windows 10 Mobile OS powered Windows Phone devices. As such, the surface Phone will make use of fresh features like Continuum, which will ensure the device's usability as a full-blown computer.

It looks like Microsoft never ever planned of announcing the Surface Pro 5 this year, which means that the next-generation hybrid is likely going to have a 2017 release date instead.


Dubbed as the Kaby Lake processor, the chipset is rumored to be the ideal technology for Surface Pro 5 as it will introduce faster and more efficient processing of work and data.GSM Arena also reported that Microsoft will equip the Surface Pro 5 with better battery capacity, and this will only be done by using Kaby Lake processors. Associating a smartphone with the surface series could automatically give it the benefit of the goodwill of the Surface devices.

Vanessa Coleman