Microsoft Edge Preview lands on iOS and Android

As with similar browser apps, the Edge app will allow users to access their Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View settings on their smartphones making it a bit more convenient to switch from their PC to smartphone.

At that time it was their goal to replace the more complex launchers on Android to simplify the Android launcher experience. Note: You must visit that link using Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 PC.

The newly renamed Microsoft Launcher is now available as a preview version for Android in the Google Play Store. Both of these releases are coming preview mode with only the iOS version available today via the Apple TestFlight program. Android users, meanwhile, will have to wait; Microsoft says a preview version of Edge on Android will be available "soon".

The mobile version of the default browser in Windows 10 will be an integral part of the upcoming Windows Timeline, a feature that will be part of the fifth feature update for Windows 10 that is expected next Spring. Neither will look to directly compete with Chrome or Safari, but rather will be a custom option for those who want to better integrate their phones with Windows 10.

Android phones allow users to customize what's called a "launcher" that appears when you press the Home button - a feature that iPhone doesn't have.

Today, Microsoft announced Edge web browser for Android and iOS devices, along with the newly updated Microsoft Launcher for Android.

The iOS Edge app preview is available today for iPhones.

With Microsoft no longer pursuing its own mobile platform, the company has found itself in a peculiar position of trying to figure out how to support cross-platform scenarios.

The goal of bringing their browser to your iOS or Android device is to allow your browsing to follow you, regardless of device. Globally, Microsoft Edge has just a 5 percent share of the web browser market, while Chrome is dominating the field with a whopping 60 percent.

Vanessa Coleman