Microsoft Edge Preview for Android Hits Google Play

"Microsoft can use the collected data for the various purposes, described in a very general way".

For its part, Microsoft's Maris Rogers counters that "Windows collects data so that we can be responsive to your needs and interests". So we cannot say how many people are actually using this browser and hence the number could be a lot less. Microsoft has indicated that it wants to end all violations.

According to the Dutch DPA, the objective of telemetry is two-fold.

The DPA issued a lengthy release about the matter, in which it is explained that there are almost 4 million active Windows 10 devices with Windows 10 Home and Pro in the Netherlands. With telemetry Microsoft - as it were - takes pictures of the behaviour of Windows users, and continuously sends these pictures to itself.

"Due to Microsoft's approach users lack control of their data", claims the DPA. Now Microsoft is trying to get some user base for Microsoft Edge by releasing it to the 2 most popular mobile operating systems. "That results in an intrusive profile of yourself", Tomesen said. "What does that mean?"

I want our customers to know that it is a priority for us that Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are clearly compliant under Dutch law.

Now there are two options for telemetry data in Windows 10. At full telemetry, detailed data on the app usage is processed along with the info gathered from web surfing via Edge. The first is to help Microsoft fix Windows for devices on which it experiences errors, and the second is for Microsoft to serve personalized ads to Windows 10 users. Anyone can be a member of Windows insider program and one can signup at Microsoft website. Microsoft has noted that some features still need to be added, but my short time with the Android app has been pretty smooth so far. The way Microsoft collects data at the full telemetry level is unpredictable. Through this combination of purposes and the lack of transparency Microsoft can not obtain a legal ground, such as consent, for the processing of data.

People can not provide valid consent for the processing of their personal data, because of the approach used by Microsoft. This is not the case. Microsoft Edge will pull up the reading and information right onto your screen.

The main selling point of Microsoft Edge is its self-explanatory "Continue on PC" feature which requires you to have the Windows 10 Fall Creators update installed on your computer. Microsoft uses opt-out options. Facebook used to do something similar by making users' posts more public nearly every time it updated its privacy policy.

Vanessa Coleman