Microsoft, Amazon go after enterprises with new SAP cloud offerings

At Protera's booth, customers will learn how they can leverage Protera FlexBridge and Protera AppCare to rapidly deploy SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA® in the cloud and in hybrid environments, while in the process, reducing project cycles by simplifying operation and support tasks.

SAP's Cloud Foundry-based SAP Cloud Platform includes multi-language runtime environments, including Java, Node.js and SAP HANA extended application services.

Customers may select infrastructure powered by SAP, or by Amazon Web Services.

In addition to SAP's partnership with GCP, Microsoft also announced several new advancements for SAP workloads.

For companies that are journeying toward digital transformation, SAP launched version 2.0 of its Digital Innovation and Transformation Assessment.

Sam Yen, chief design officer and managing director for SAP's Silicon Valley business, said the Google cloud partnership, which was outlined in March, is progressing well. Microsoft Azure is now available as a public preview and Google Cloud Platform as a demo showcase, and all may be managed using the new SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

New developments across the SAP Leonardo innovation portfolio include the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation; a set of new machine learning-enabled applications for corporate functions ranging from invoicing to customer service and retention; and an SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service for building application extensions and new solutions using distributed ledger technology.

On Tuesday, Google and SAP jointly announced the integration of SAP's enterprise applications and solutions into the Google Cloud Platform.

SAP has made no secret that it wants its traditional customers to find innovative uses for their data through its own PaaS.

The SAP HANA Large Instances that support 4TB of RAM are now generally available in Australia and Europe, after previously launching in the U.S. Instances with more memory will be available starting in the U.S. during the second half of this year. Machine learning technology from SAP and Google will result in service enhancements beyond the enterprise segment.

SAP and Google have now certified the SAP NetWeaver technology platform on GCP, enabling organizations to run SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Business Warehouse application on GCP. Other new capabilities include support for a conversational interface, dubbed SAP CoPIlot, that can be used to query data, and a mobile application, dubbed SAP Project Companion, a mobile application through which end users can receive push notifications about specific events. "Our technology is purpose-built for the heightened performance, security and compliance requirements of regulated industries, and these advanced capabilities with SAP will complement and expand on these existing focal points within our business".

As it has with other platform offerings, the company is taking steps to build a broader ecosystem around Leonardo, faster, by opening up APIs and other connectors to make it easier for partners and other developers to build custom applications, integrations, and other add-ons that will work with the core functionality of Leonardo. SAP App Center now offers online discovery so users can easily try, purchase and use partner apps directly from the center.

SAP Analytics Cloud was formerly known as SAP Business Objects Cloud.

Vanessa Coleman