Michigan GOP strips power from Dem officeholders

"Our job, fighting for what we believe for our constituents, who all voted for us, want us to have the ability to win a hand on occasion", Vos said. Evers said he was going to issue that order on his first day.

A backlash against Trump helped Democrats gain in 2018, but they still control just 37 percent of statehouses, compared to Republicans 61 percent, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures, a non-partisan research group. But since he lost his re-election bid to Democrat Tony Evers, Republicans have pushed the last-minute effort to shift some of that executive branch power to the Legislature.

MI voters last month passed a constitutional amendment to have the 13-member commission of four Democrats, four Republicans and five independents handle redistricting instead of the partisan Legislature.

From a legal standpoint, it is hard to frame why a legislature would attempt to undermine the power of a properly elected leader who isn't even sitting in the governor's chair yet, Magarian said. She'll break Republicans' hold on both legislative chambers and the governor's mansion, and would likely veto any attempt to take authority from incoming Dems.

Then there's North Carolina's 9th District, where, after a suspicious spike in absentee-ballot requests from Bladen County, many voters said that people came to collect their ballots, and a disproportionate number of ballots mailed to minority voters were never returned. Evers can not withdraw the federal waiver that is part of the requirement because he would first have to go through the GOP-controlled Legislature. Another avenue to protect those with pre-existing conditions is also in peril if Gov. Scott Walker signs the legislation.

Among the changes the legislation will enact is requiring the governor to get permission from the legislature before asking for changes in programs that are run jointly by the state and federal governments.

New rules passed by the Wisconsin Legislature Wednesday morning could have a negative effect on absentee voting.

Neither plan has been signed into law yet, and Democrats in both states say they are likely to mount legal challenges to what they have decried as GOP power grabs.

The Republican-led Michigan Senate is expected to pass a bill that would strip the incoming Democratic secretary of state of her power to oversee campaign finance.

Also Wednesday, the House voted 58-50 for legislation that would empower the Legislature, House or Senate to intervene in any suit at any stage, a right already granted to the attorney general.

"The will of the people has officially been ignored by the Legislature", Evers said Wednesday. If you vote for this, shame on you. "We have allowed far too much authority to flow to the executive", Vos told the AP.

The bills give the Republican legislature control of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation board, which for eight years has been the duty of Walker. "To you, this is all about politics".

The bill would limit the governor's ability to put in place administrative rules that enact laws and give the Legislature the power to control appointees to the board that runs the state economic development agency until September 1. That could prevent the state from pulling out of a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act (ACA), something Evers promised to do.

Judges could block the proposals if they become law by issuing temporary injunctions. The party has used that power to pass conservative policies, including creating voter ID requirements, adopting right-to-work laws and stripping public workers in Wisconsin of almost all their collective bargaining rights.

In Michigan, Republicans are advancing their own measure that would also allow GOP lawmakers to intervene in lawsuits, ensuring they could step in if Nessel will not defend laws.

Vanessa Coleman