Michelle Obama stuns crowd with expletive - here's why she cursed

People are losing their minds because Michelle Obama said "sh*t" Michelle Obama inadvertently swore at a public event in NY and people seem to be losing their minds in unbridled joy over the outburst.

Mrs Obama's advice comes as Meghan's estranged father Thomas Markle was said to be appalled at the negativity now surrounding her. "That whole "so you can have it all" nope, not at the same time", she said.

She continued, "It's not always enough to lean in because that shit doesn't work all the time". She used an expletive.

"The phrase first appeared in Sandberg's 2013 publication, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, and has caused quite a stir ever since". But her words have an element of truth that Sheryl Sandberg's optimistic ideology about "leaning in" to have it all doesn't take into account.

It's no longer news that America's former first lady, Michelle Obama has written and is now publishing her autobiography, Becoming.

"Without education she wouldn't be where she is, those are all values that I think as young females, regardless of how we look and no matter what race you are, those are values that we should keep close to us and really will get us through life".

She said at the last presidential election in the United States many young people, Hispanic, and African American people did not vote - the same people who felt the most oppressed.

Obama delivered her insights while on a European promotional tour for her new memoir, Becoming. And that makes you feel that you don't belong.

"I thought we were at home, y'all".

"I'm back now", Obama said, smiling and looking a bit sheepish. She said some even slammed her for the way she talked.

"This is true for women, this is true for working-class people but it is profound for women of colour in a way that I don't think most people understand". "Choose somebody who is full formed because love doesn't form someone, that's not what love does".

While she was mentoring Barack, they started dating and oh yes when asked if she was in support of work place romance, she said "Yes, I do, because it worked out fine for me!"

"I tell young people there are going to be huge chunks of time where you want to push him out the window, just by accident, you don't want him to be irreparably hurt, but never the other way around".

On her father's death: "While his death was sudden, it was always lurking for us because he was the kind of man who wouldn't get help and was proud and he didn't believe in doctors, and he didn't believe in self pity". We are demonised, we are too loud, we are too everything.

"We were expected to be excellent and it wasn't just my mother and father - we grew up with a very big extended family and we lived within a 5 block radius". I share that with you because we all have doubts in our abilities, about our power and what that power is.

Vanessa Coleman