Metro Exodus Delayed, Now Slated For Q1 2019 Release

A news post on the game's Steam Community page had the release pegged as Fall 2018 which would have had the release happen in late Q3 or early Q4.

In its press release, THQ Nordic did not provide a rationale or explanation for why the game was delayed. Metro Exodus was originally supposed to release in Autumn 2018. It will be the first new entry in the series in almost six years, with 2013's Metro: Last Light being the most recent game.

I suppose for now we just have to wait for E3 for more info on what could have possibly caused the delay or just how big they're planning on making Metro: Exodus.

Metro Exodus is the third game from the series and will leave the tunnels and head out into the open world of Moscow. However, Deep Silver CEO Lars Wingefors has hinted that this simply could be due to the number of titles being released in 2018.

The Metro games are based on a series of novels published by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The Metro Exodus follows Metro 2033 and the follow-up, Last Light.

Biomutant itself is something more odd, as players take the roll of a mutant raccoon-like creature out to save a giant tree from dying and ending the world along with it.

In total, THQ Nordic has 54 projects in development, and the publisher said it wants to give developers the time they need to deliver the "expected customer experience" and build the IP.

Notably, that's 439 percent more profit and 673 percent more revenue than the company earned in the same quarter a year prior. Wingefors confirmed that the label will also be publishing Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV.

Vanessa Coleman