Mercedes needs a wake-up call, says team boss

It means Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have each won one of the last three races and Wolff expects the pendulum between the top three teams to keep swinging back and forth.

Celebrities are often given the honour of waving the chequered flag at motor races, which has and have occasionally resulted in unintended flubs.

"Fortunately we had radio, fortunately we had the lap counter in the vehicle, and the pit board was accurate", said Vettel.

In a freaky ending to the race, and to Vettel's consternation, the chequered flag was waved a lap early by model Winnie Harlow.

"We need to review procedures and make sure we have a very simple procedure for every circuit", added Whiting.

"I'm the opposite of confident", Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff said.

Having assumed the lead in the drivers's standings, Ferrari also closed the gap in the constructors' championship to Mercedes to just 17 points with 14 races still to go.

"With the start we had, with the race we had, there was nothing more we could do", said Bottas, who has finished second four times this season, but hasn't yet won.

2018 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix
2018 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix Enlarge

"I'm just so happy that I finished as from the start I was down on power and my engine was saying that it was over temperature and I couldn't get them down", he said. "This is a track where we should have maximised points - it is not about damage limitation for us".

The race started off with a first-lap collision between Toro Rosso's Brendon Hartley and Williams' Lance Stroll, which brought out the safety vehicle.

Hartley was on the outside of Stroll and was nudged into the wall, both drivers walked away unharmed from the crash.

"The team has been extremely strong in the past at keeping reliability on a high level so that is not a part that worries me, it is more we have seen today a Ferrari that is the stronger auto - strong in qualifying, strong in race and at no time we had a chance to fight for the win".

"I think this was the maximum. was about hundredths of a second, so maybe from pole it could have been different, but from P2 we maxed out".

The Toro Rosso was launched into the air, wrecking both cars. Hartley went to hospital for precautionary tests but the team said he was OK.

"Since lap one really seemed to be a bit quicker all the time and they could control the race and were really pushing on it and we got into a little bit of trouble in the end, running out of fuel; that's why Max got close in the end".

A "visorcam" view from Pierre Gasly's auto in Monaco caused a bit of a stir on social media as it offered a new view of a vehicle in action - and in Canada it was Romain Grosjean's turn. The fact that a season could sway through reliability, I don't think anyone wants to see that.

Vanessa Coleman