Measles killed record 72 in Europe a year ago

When we are able to identify a child who's got measles, [from a public health perspective] we are concerned with identifying where they've been during the period they were contagious, because we want to prevent it from spreading.

SHAPIRO: Could I ask you to just speak for a moment to parents in the United States who have not vaccinated their children? These opt-out parents are not choosing to do so exclusively because of parental fears about autism or side effects. "We must do more and do it better to protect each and every person from diseases that can be easily avoided".

Nicole Fisher lays out the cost-benefit nature of our vaccination schedule, and how much this balancing act affects vaccination rates in America. Dr Sands also noted the Venezuelan economic crisis and how such diseases are likely to increase there. Domingo urged parents and caregivers that measles vaccines are "safe and have been in use worldwide for decades now".

It's not that parents want to put their children in danger, or that they're trying to make choices against medical best practices, but rather that it's hard and expensive to fully vaccinate children.

While more children in Europe are being vaccinated against measles than ever before, progress has been "uneven" between countries and individual countries have some patches where vaccine take-up is low, it said. He explained that after the government started and abruptly stopped the Dengvaxia vaccination program in 2016 (dengue experimental vaccine programme by pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur), there has been a rise in scepticism regarding vaccine prevention of diseases.

Why do you think the campaign to get people to vaccinate their children hasn't worked? "Additional problems that hinder access to vaccinations include child care for children not being vaccinated, lack of knowledge, and difficulty in reserving an appointment".

At the same time, the World Health Organization said, record numbers of children are getting the vaccine - offering hope that the rise in infections may not last.

In 34 of the countries, estimated coverage with a second dose of measles vaccine was below 95 per cent. As discussed in Fisher's article, there is a combo shot available, though, the MMRV.

The MMR vaccine protects against three different viruses: measles, mumps and rubella.

U.S. media reports this week say so far 79 measles cases were reported by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention since the start of 2019. On top of the high efficacy of this shot, it has been around for a long time, and is well studied.

The body said a fourth patient who was immunized for the first time after being exposed to measles fell sick because they received their shot more than 72 hours after coming into contact with the virus.

This information is particularly important since fear over the safety of the MMR, in particular, is such a concern for many parents. But it was ditched due to potential consequences of the vaccine they used. Morally, there is much benefit in protecting those who can not protect themselves, and as a society, we are interconnected.

Vaccination is one of the biggest advances in modern medicine and public health. So we're getting help from other jurisdictions, but it's pretty frenetic.

Vanessa Coleman