McLaren unfurls bespoke black-and-gold inscribed 720S for Dubai

It's another one-off, finished in satin Zenith Black paint with a bucket-load of gold accents.

Inscribed across it in gold Arabic script that has been embellished to also look like a graphical representation of the Dubai skyline is a condensed version of Brue McLaren's most famous quote: "Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone". It's an optimum color choice to offset the gold-colored alloy wheels and the genuine 24-carat gold engine heatshield (in itself a reference to the iconic McLaren F1 hypercar that boasted a gold-lined engine bay for optimum cooling).

Another exclusive addition to the vehicle is the bespoke graphics on the rear spoiler: a stylised arabic phrase meant to resemble the Dubai skyline.

The vehicle started life as a McLaren 720S Performance and received an array of MSO Bespoke carbon fiber parts such as the front splitter, air intakes, rear bumper, roof panel, rear diffuser, side mirror arms, rear aero bridge, plus deck and engine covers.

To personalize the vehicle added more than 120 hours to the production process. The rear diffuser is also a carbon fibre option, while the door mirror arms, rear aero bridge and deck and engine covers are all from the MSO Defined range of carbon fibre components.

Inside, says auto magazine, the bespoke 720S gets more "splashes of gold" and carbon fibre, on the steering wheel and gear paddles, along with a plaque proclaiming the vehicle to be just "1 of 1".

The gearshift paddles are painted in gold as is the center band in the steering wheel.

McLaren is present at the Dubai International Motor Show with a spectacular one-off 720S commissioned by a customer from the Middle East. This 720S will continue to source power from the same 4.0 V8 twin-turbocharged engine which is capable of accelerating from 0-200 kmph in just 7.8 seconds, all the way to a top speed of 341 kmph. "This auto pays tribute to that".

Vanessa Coleman