Max Hospital row: Newborn declared stillborn dies after 6 days

Father refuses to take body, demands arrest of 2 doctors; Case transferred to Crime Branch.

According to a Delhi government official, the government's preliminary inquiry report had found that "no [electrocardiography] tracings were done to trace whether the child was alive".

The babies were placed in plastic bags and the family was driving to the crematorium when they saw movement.

Parents of a twin born prematurely at Max hospital Shalimar Bagh alleged that the hospital declared one of them dead when the baby still had signs of life.

According to the aggrieved family, the twins were born premature on November 30.

The family rushed the baby to a nearby nursing home in Pitampura, while the mother remained at Max Hospital as she was very weak. The boy was pronounced dead two hours later, said Praveen Mail, the baby's grandfather. Gupta said that the boy had died from multiple organ dysfunction.

Meanwhile, authorities at the Max hospital released a statement on Wednesday, lending their support to the family, but did not comment on the allegations of negligence. While we understand that survival in extreme preterm births is rare, it is always painful for the parents and family. I lived through the death of my daughter, and death of my son, not once but twice. He also said he will also not get his wife, who is still admitted at Max Hospital, discharged from it, until they get justice. "We wish them the strength to cope with their loss".

Dr. Sandeep Gupta, who was treating the baby at the Delhi New Born Center said "we knew from the beginning that he may not survive but we were trying our best". This was against the prescribed norms for dealing with newborns.

According to reports, Satyender Jain, the state health minister, has called for a probe of the privately run Max Hospital warning that the hospital's licence could be cancelled if it is found guilty of medical negligence.

The hospital had sacked two doctors involved in the case but has said its internal investigation was not complete yet.

Vanessa Coleman