Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Getting Versus Mode On December 8, 2017

It'll take some getting used to, however: the movement and attack system in the base game allows each character to utilize one movement, one attack, and one ability in each turn, but the PvP mode overhauls this in favor of a ticket-based structure.

Unlike standard gameplay modes, each player is only given three actions per turn.

Each player picks a custom three-hero squad and has a breadth of attacks and abilities from across the campaign at their disposal.

Tomorrow (Dec. 8, 2017) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle receives a free update - a new local Versus mode where two players will use their tactical skills to play against each other on the same screen (sharing a pair of Joy-Con controllers or using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers) to fight on unique and evolving battlefields. You've got to be particularly strategic with the way you plan out your moves, because less is more here. This new layer of strategy will ensure you need to keep an eye on what sort of power play your opponent is trying to set up.

Since launching back in August, Ubisoft's strategy crossover Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has enjoyed critical acclaim by bringing together the unlikely combination of Mario and the Rabbids, and tomorrow players will get to enjoy a whole new side of the game with a competitive edge.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Versus Mode will be available to download on Nintendo Switch from December 8, 2017. Customise your battles by limiting the number of turns, adding a time-limit, removing item drops, and more to adjust the scale of your tactical experience.

Vanessa Coleman