Man charged in Parkville school bus disturbance

Police say he was trying to get on the bus after he says a bottle was thrown from the bus and hit his vehicle.

The driver could be heard telling the man to get off the bus.

The video was shared with WBAL who learned the bus was taking middle school students home Thursday afternoon.

A 68-year-old Maryland man faces criminal charges after clinging to the front of a moving school bus, yelling at the driver. However, police said, the driver, concerned about the safety of the students on board, would not open the doors.

The bus driver did not want to let the man in, fearing that he might threaten the students. At that point, the driver of that vehicle got out of his vehicle, ' Sgt. Andrea Bylen said.

"You could tell those kids were extremely terrified".

Baltimore Police say an off-duty officer who was in the area arrived and ordered the man off the bus shortly after he stepped on.

Susan Copenhaver's grandchildren were on the bus at the time of the incident. As it moved forward, he held on, police said.

Sara and her mom Linda say even then, Doran was still not quite done with bus.

Authorities said the driver slowly drove toward a police department to seek help but became stuck in traffic.

They say the incident investigation is ongoing.

Vanessa Coleman