Man breaks into crocodile enclosure, and things go as you would expect

A Florida man broke into an alligator farm and spent hours splashing around in a pond full of crocodiles before being attacked by one.

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Officers found two rubber Croc shoes and a pair of shorts inside the newly-opened Nile crocodile enclosure, St. Augustine police spokeswoman Cecilia Aiple told The Florida Times-Union.

The arrest report said security cameras show a 9-foot-long crocodile lunging at the man, who escapes to the edge of the pool. In the report, the officer noted that Hatfield had no idea a crocodile tried to eat him.

Police said Hatfield "damaged numerous exhibits and statues around the complex", causing more than $5,000 in damage.

"We got somebody who told us they were bitten by an alligator".

There was no sign of a victim, but police had received calls about a man in his underwear crawling across a nearby yard. The man, identified as Brandon Keith Hatfield, was taken to Flagler Hospital for medical attention.

Then came the calls to police that solved the mystery, and led to the arrest of a 23-year-old Green Cove Springs man charged with burglary and criminal mischief, according to the St. Augustine Police Department. Officials said he will be transported to the St. John's County jail after he is released.

Vanessa Coleman