Man attacks Canadian schoolgirl with scissors to cut off her hijab

Toronto police are investigating an attack on an 11-year-old girl whose hijab headcovering was repeatedly cut on her way to school on Friday.

When they got to school they found that her hijab had a 30cm cut in at from the bottom. She said she was on the sidewalk when she sensed a man behind her and turned to find him holding scissors.

"Sadly, someone insulted me by cutting my hijab two times", Noman, who was not hurt in the incident, told reporters.

"He continued cutting my hijab again" before smiling and running away, said Khawlah.

"Khawlah Noman, studying in 6th std, said", I felt confused, scared, terrified. "I feel like this should stop".

Khawlah - who appeared alongside her mother and her brother - said she is now afraid to walk to school, but was comforted by the support of her school and family.

According to Toronto publication, The Star, Khawlah's blue hijab has been taken by police as evidence and a friend loaned her a white one to wear. But the man came back just as Kahawlah was waiting for her brother who was stopped at a light across the street. "I am so proud to be a Canadian, and I feel so safe in this community".

Frightened, Khawlah and her 10-year-old brother, Mohammed Zakariyya, rushed to join a group of children walking nearby so they wouldn't be alone with the attacker.

"She was fearless enough to confront the man, make some noise. and then proceed to walk with a bunch of other kids realizing there's safety in numbers", said Const. Jenniferjit Sidhu.

Toronto District School Board spokesperson Ryan Bird told CBC Toronto that police and Khawlah's family was ed immediately after the girl reported what had happened to school officials.

The incident caught the attention of politicians at all levels of government.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted a message of support to the young girl on Friday.

Needless to say you could hear a pin drop as the sixth grader Khawlah explained the horror of a male sneaking up on her and trying to cut her blue hijab with a pair of scissors with blue handles. "I want her and her family and her friends and community to know that that is not what Canada is".

Premier Kathleen Wynne tweeted about the incident, calling it a "cowardly act of hatred".

"This is a cowardly act of hatred". This does not represent who we are.

"No child should ever be afraid walking to school in Toronto because of what they are wearing or for any other reason", he said in a statement.

Vanessa Coleman