Malcolm Turnbull announces Home Affairs super-ministry run by Peter Dutton

Federal cabinet on Tuesday is expected to discuss an overhaul of national security co-ordination, delivering more responsibility to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

The government will also establish a Home Affairs portfolio of immigration, border protection and domestic security and law enforcement agencies.

The portfolio will oversee major agencies including the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Border Force.

Turnbull said the UK's Home Office, rather than the US Department of Homeland Security, provided the template for the new ministry, which would be small enough to be nimble and would be consistent with arrangements made by other "Five Eyes" intelligence partners including New Zealand and Canada.

This was an assertion refuted by the Prime Minister this morning. who said the reforms were warranted: "not because the system is broken, but because our security environment is evolving quickly".

"It's becoming more complex. We need more enduring and better integrated arrangements".

Mr Turnbull described it as the most significant reform of national security arrangements "in more than 40 years".

The review concluded that Australia's intelligence agencies are highly capable and staffed by skilled officers.

The changes include moving agencies now charged with overseeing intelligence from the prime minister's department, to the attorney-general's department. The Australian Signals Directorate will also be transformed into a new statutory agency as part of the Defence portfolio.

Last night on 2GB, 4BC News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt queried whether reshuffle was aimed at placating any desire Mr Dutton held to become Prime Minister - or legitimate security concerns.

The government will also present a Foreign Policy White Paper later this year.

Vanessa Coleman