Make your Valentine's Day special with Messenger

"This isn't a Valentine's Day promotion".

"In the spirit of feeling all the feelings, we thought it would be timely to share how people in the Messenger community express their love and adoration", Messenger said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

Facebook has announced Messenger will bring a "fun and delightful" feature tomorrow on Valentine's Day, for those who decide to make their relationships "FB official". The features available to them include "a heart shower" that will cascade down their screen. Lastly, in a bullet point labelled "Chatting with bae", Facebook noted that your significant other will be first to show up in the Messenger Active tab.

Personalized chat: one can personalize their chat and even set their own custom text color, emoji, and nickname.

Men and women actually express their love (via emojis) pretty similarly!

Special emoji: On the chat will be a custom emoji in the lower right corner. There are about 2 billion emojis shared every day on Messenger.

And to no surprise, Messenger continues to be the place where people come to connect and share when they're feeling the love. It's nearly as outdated as believing users want to declare their love by handing over more information about their interpersonal lives to tech giants. The app also has your significant other appear at the top of Messenger's Active tab, which is great for those who chat the most with their significant other.

The Messenger camera is also being updated for the occasion, with a heart eyes filter among the new ones being added. Then tap the star icon to access all of the fun filters and effects.

Vanessa Coleman