Madhya Pradesh farmers protest

Shakuntala Khatik was part of a farmer protest, one of the many in the state over the past few days.

Since the violence has broken out in the state, BJP has accused the Congress party of instigating farmers to turn violent and resort to large scale arsoning.

The MLA was leading a protest march during which his supporters burnt the effigy of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan over the recent killing of farmers in police firing in Mandsaur. "This allegation has rightly proved that the Government does not consider the farmers, poor and the Dalits as a priority in the country". Meanwhile, a curfew has been imposed in Mandsaur, but the unrest has spread into the adjoining district of Neemuch.

The Congress Party on Saturday said they were being unfairly blamed by the Bhartiya Janta Party for inciting violence in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, even as a video showing a Congress MLA encouraging farmers to burn down a police station in Madhya Pradesh emerged online.

Chaos ensued when Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday tried to reach Mandsaur at any cost.

The Congress's Kerera MLA can be seen telling people, "thane mein aag laga do, aag laga do (set the police station on fire)", while a policeman can be seen requesting her to leave. He was detained and later released. Khatik in the video is seen arguing with a police officer and the latter trying desperately to buy peace with her.But Shakuntala Khatik is not calmed while a group of agitators shout, "Prasashan ki goonda gardi nehi chalegi (Hooliganism of administration will not be permitted)".

This is published unedited from the ANI feed.

Vanessa Coleman