Machete-Wielding Homeowner Fends Off 5 Would-Be Robbers

Then, though armed with the shotgun and other weapons, the robbers start backing up all of a sudden.

Video from Sarasota, Florida shows a man using a machete to fend off armed robbers that entered his home last week.

Surveillance footage shows a Florida homeowner fighting off armed robbers with a machete.

The incident occurred on the homeowner's porch and was caught on a security camera. The two suspects and two others were eventually found at a nearby gas station. "In this case here, things just worked out", Lieutenant Brian Gregory with the Sarasota Sheriff's Office told WFLA.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested the suspects in a robbery attempt that occurred early Thursday morning in Sarasota. Inside the auto, deputies said they found "four men wearing dark clothing ... one of whom was carrying several zip ties". However, the homeowner had disarmed the intruder - and scared away two of the thief's accomplices - with the help of a machete before authorities arrived.

Beltran Vasquez, the man in the video with the shotgun, is a convicted felon.

Police have arrested Alen Beltran Vazquez, Ronier Jaurgui-Lorente, Angel Cabrera-Basulto, Jorge Valido-Leyva and Roberto Salcedo-Balanza in connection with the robbery, according to the Sheriff's office.

Police added that the investigation was ongoing and further charges were pending.

Vanessa Coleman