Lyft Will Allow Users To Add Extra Stops To Rides

Lyft's latest funding round announced in January was $1 billion, including an investment from GM, giving the company a post-money valuation of $5.5 billion.

Lyft states that this feature is "coming soon", so expect the update to show up on Google Play in the near future.

The company claims it is the first time any ride-hail service has offered the ability to make multiple stops. Riders can also remove an added stop at any time by simply tapping it and selecting "remove stop". Routes will be instantly updated the moment a stop is added or removed.

So the rider can sit back and enjoy the ride without having to give any instructions to the driver.

Lyft Will Allow Users To Add Extra Stops To Rides

For requesting a Lyft ride which will make two stops, Lyft users have to select a Lyft, Plus or Premier vehicle and enter in their pickup location. The new middle destination will then show up in the user's overall list for that ride.

It may seem like a straight shot to get from Point A to Point B, but let's be honest - there's probably a Point C somewhere in between that you need to stop at as well.

A Lyft spokesman said that 90 percent of regular rides have a destination entered at the outset.

The ability to add an extra stop right off the bat is going to make things simpler and easier for both parties involved. "We look forward to make this available to you". Whether riders can request multiple stops is also absent, and if so, how many. It's an added convenience that should make for a more seamless customer experience, in addition to cutting down on your ETA. Lyft introduced scheduled rides so that riders can pre-book their rides, before Uber launched it. Finally, Lyft did not say when exactly users would begin to see the new feature.

Vanessa Coleman