Louisiana's homeless population declines almost 20% since 2016, according to HUD report

The report comes as the homelessness population is on the rise on the West Coast.

A new report from a federal housing agency singled out New Hampshire as one of the states that saw the largest increase in homelessness among families with children.

- The number of families with children experiencing homelessness in 2017 ( 3,904 ), decreased by 15.2 percent ( or 700 persons ) since 2016 and decreased by 42.8 percent ( 2,923 ) since 2010.

CCH completed its own estimate of homelessnsss in Chicago this year using census data that addresses numerous concerns in the report.

The homeless service area that includes most of Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the crisis, saw its total homeless count top 55,000 people, up by more than 13,000 from 2016. The number dropped in the following years, but has never returned to the lower numbers seen before 2011. "While we have made significant strides in reducing the number of individuals experiencing homelessness, we must remain committed to implementing strategies that make it a rare, brief and non-recurring event".

Nationwide, homelessness increased for the first time in seven years, HUD said.

Back in January, a local point-in-time count found that 11,643 were experiencing homelessness in King County.

Butler said he was in transitional housing - a type of program that prepares people for permanent homes - for a while but mostly has lived on the streets for the past couple of years.

"In many high-cost areas of our country, especially along the West Coast, the severe shortage of affordable housing is manifesting itself on our streets", said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. Since 2010, however, Veteran homelessness in Arkansas declined 46.1 percent.

A new federal report on homelessness in America offers a snapshot of how San Diego County is doing compared with other cities.

City officials, homeless advocates and those living on the streets point to a main culprit: the region's booming economy. For every 10,000 people in California, 34 are homeless.

In the West Coast states, the surge in homelessness has become part of the fabric of daily life.

Overall, 68.2 percent of the homeless in California are unsheltered, the highest rate of any state.

- Chronic or long-term homelessness among individuals increased 44.6 percent ( or 418 persons ) over 2016 levels and declined by 36.4 percent since 2010. About 38 percent of them are unsheltered.

In booming Seattle, for example, the HUD report shows the unsheltered population grew by 44 percent over two years to almost 5,500.

King County also ranks third in the number of unsheltered homeless - people living in vehicles, tents and on local streets.

Vanessa Coleman