Lottery winner claims jackpot wearing ‘Scream’ mask to hide identity

Kingston - A lottery victor in Jamaica recently claimed his $1.1 million prize, wearing a white cape, black gloves and the mask from the classic slasher film franchise "Scream".

Identified only as A Campbell, the lottery victor won 158 million Jamaican dollars - or approximately 1.1 million USD - as part of Supreme Venture's Super Lotto.

Aside from the mask, Campbell also wore a full coat, long trousers, and gloves to hide his identity, KDKA reports.

Campbell isn't the first Super Lotto victor to protect their identity following their win.

He said he plans to start looking for a nice house to buy and expand his business with his winnings.

"I like to handle money", he said. "I love to have money".

"So I'm looking at things that can turn over the money".

According to Distractify, the man, who identified himself as A. Campbell, chose to collect the prize incognito so he wouldn't have to share the money with cash-hungry relatives.

But instead of being elated by the life-changing win, Mr Campbell instead felt "sick" with worry, taking a stunning 54 days to come forward, reports.

Known only as N. Gray, the woman wore the cheeky disguise as she collected the prize won in the Supreme Ventures Super Lotto draw.

"Wondering if what I've been longing for really come true. I had a belly ache for two weeks, sometimes I feel so much pain I forgot that I had won", he chuckled.

According to the tabloid, another lottery victor showed up earlier this year wearing an emoji mask.

Vanessa Coleman