Lindsay Lohan Just Re-Created Her Viral #DoTheLilo Dance

Lindsay Lohan's employees at the #LohanBeachClub open up about what she's really like: "She made me cry a few times, but you know, she keeps it real".

While discussing a disappointing first meeting Lohan and creative partner, Panos Spentzos, had with their new VIP hosts, the actress revealed her strive behind running a successful club.

"My goal was to help her expand and grow the Lohan brand", Jonitta Wallace said.

Lindsay Lohan attends Gabrielle's Gala at Old Billingsgate Market on May 7, 2014 in London, England.

"She just hides it whenever possible because she does not want to deal with the backlash right now as she does PR for her upcoming show", the source added. "It's so embarrassing to me now, you have to understand that".

She said the moment will appear on her MTV series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. I have no emotion when it comes to money and business.

The Mean Girls star explained, "I was in a very tumultuous relationship".

The video, which went viral in September, shows Lohan grooving from side to side before doing a hair toss and a spin. "She got hit by him".

The cast of a MTV reality series that focuses on Lindsay Lohan's nightclub in Mykonos, Greece.

"I didn't know what was happening with it, in terms of this 'Do the Lilo, ' until after", she continued.

The actress gets candid about her journey to becoming her own boss and living by her own rules.

Hollywood's former wild child has been to rehab on several occasions, but insiders say she never really stopped drinking.

The 30-minute session, appropriately called Lohan's Beach Club: After The Show, will air immediately after Beach Club's premiere on January 8.

Vanessa Coleman