Lewis Hamilton top in Spain as Raikkonen breaks down

Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo will start the Spanish Grand Prix from the third row, as just two thousandths of a second split the teammates after Saturday's knockout qualifying session in Barcelona.

That's not to say Verstappen's race wasn't without some incident, as he had to nurse his Red Bull home with a damaged front wing after clumsily making contact with Lance Stroll behind the Virtual Safety Car.

Drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were nearly seven-tenths of a second away from pole-man Lewis Hamilton, with Verstappen setting a time over two tenths slower than that of fourth-placed Kimi Räikkönen.

"It's a little bit disheartening". "Friday's paint one picture but you're never sure what is going to happen", he claimed.

"And together with my final lap I couldn't continue after Turn 1 as I had a moment there, so the gap is probably a bit bigger than it should be". Remember that stern talking to - complete with finger-wagging - you received; the one that went "don't touch this" and "don't do that" because she'd know, and "woe betide you" if you disobeyed? "It wasn't the preferred tyre, that is why I went for the Soft tyre at the end of Q3".

"I still don't know what the full story is to be honest", he said. "I chose for a super-soft, Daniel went on a soft".

"Q3 I think we [Verstappen] both put in a good lap on the supers, which I don't think was our preferred tyre, just the way the vehicle is feeling this weekend I felt the softs were better so that is why I went for them in the second part of Q3. Our problem is we have got to do a better job on Saturdays, we have got to get further up the grid", Horner said. With corners in it, it's even harder for us, because we lose even more speed because of the friction from the tires so the engine can't - we just lose more top speed. I don't think many people will actually choose the Supersoft [for the race].

"It's hard to overtake here so we need to be competitive in qualifying". Honestly I haven't seen really.

"I always feel quite good on this track and today has been a nice turning point after the first few races where it hasn't gone to plan", he said.

Vanessa Coleman