Leonardo DiCaprio Will Headline Quentin Tarantino's Manson Movie

There's not much known about Tarantino's script for the movie outside of the film not being a biopic about Manson but instead a larger story about the time period when the Manson family existed and the murders were carried out.

After months of rumors, Leonardo DiCaprio is now confirmed to be reuniting with Quentin Tarantino for his upcoming movie set around the Manson family murders.

However, true to form, we reckon you'll be able to expect plenty of big names from the big-budget film, with stars including Margot Robbie and Tom Cruise rumoured to be eyed for main roles. DiCaprio and Tarantino last worked together on "Django Unchained". The movie is set to be released on the 50th anniversary to the day of the actual killings. He'll play an ageing actor in the new movie, according to Deadline.

DiCaprio, an Oscar victor in 2016 for "The Revenant", will play an aging actor in the untitled film.

There are several projects lined up for DiCaprio, who won his first Oscar for 2015's The Revenant.

Sony beat out several bidders, including Warner Bros. and Paramount, for rights to the film. His sidekick - who's also his stunt double - is looking for the same thing.

Plot details have not been released but Tarantino said in November that it was not a biographical movie but a story set during the summer of 1969, when a string of gruesome killings in Southern California were carried out by Manson's followers. The untitled Manson Family murders project is based on the 1969 murder spree conducted by four members of the Manson Family, a cult led by Charles Manson.

Vanessa Coleman