Lenovo Z5 is 95 per cent screen, no notch, no chin

Cheng's sketch, which is captioned with a "Lenovo Z5" mention, shows not a single displaced pixel on the front-facing screen.

Credit: WeiboThe teasers depict a handset referred to as the Lenovo Z5, and emerged late last week on Chinese social network Weibo before being picked up by CNET. The demo unit also had a full edge-to-edge display, and built the front-facing camera into the top of the phone, and when users wanted to use it, it would pop-up periscope-style from the top of the phone.

The Samsung S9 and S9 Plus devices have 83.6% and 84.2% screen-to-body ratios, and the iPhone X has 82.9%. Cheng also claims that the Z5 will comprise four technological discoveries such as 18 technology that is patented.

Many Other technology have been released over the Past couple of years to empower so-called "bezel-less" layouts on contemporary phones.

The Essential Phone features a screen-to-body ratio of 84.9 percent. It will be launched as the next-gen premium flagship smartphone from Lenovo that obviously isn't Motorola-branded.

All information that is not widely known will be available on 14th June or Lenovo might choose to show more teasers on their Weibo page.

We don't see any notch, chin, or forehead-telling us the device will definitely be nearly bezel-less. Don't expect any glass back panel here though. To achieve that, it has a selfie camera that rises from the top of the phone, an under-the-display fingerprint scanner and its entire display doubles as a speaker. Whether it is a real product or just a concept hasn't been made clear by the company though the revealed render hints at the former. Let's wait and see.

Vanessa Coleman