Leaked Memo: Third-Party Screen Repairs Don't Void iPhone Warranty

According to various sources that has confirmed the leak to Mac Rumors, an internal memo was distributed by Apple this week, changing the old policy that instructed Apple technicians to deny warranty services to iPhone units with a third-party display fix. The cost of extended warranty coverage is now $129 for iPhone 7. That could include replacing the third-party part with its official Apple counterpart, replacing the entire device, or something else.

The memo, obtained by 9to5Mac, says that retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers should inspect the device in question for things such as fraud or tampering, but then proceed as normal with the fix.

Until now, Apple policy was that if the device had a third-party display, the iOS device's warranty was void and the Apple Store would not perform any repairs on the product.

According to an internal memo circulated to Apple retail stores and published by 9to5Mac, iPhone repairs that would be covered by your device's warranty will still be covered, even if you had your screen fixed by a third-party shop. But there's a caveat-Apple will only fix iPhone issues that do not concern the replaced display.

Apple has made a behind-the-scenes change to its views on third-party screen fix. And the biggest catch of all, even if you brought the iPhone in for unrelated, within warranty, repairs but a third-party component causes the fix to fail or even breaks the iPhone, you will be charged the fee to replace the third-party component. And if it permanently damages your device, you'll need to pay full price for an all-new iPhone. If the customer declines, the Apple Authorized Service Providers can decline service.

Taking your iPhone to any place but an Apple store or Apple-authorized repair shop for a screen fix used to automatically void your warranty.

A slew of companies offer iPhone screen repairs outside of Apple's watchful eyes.

The good news is that the policy seems to have shifted after Apple declared that repairs done by non-Apple technicians will still qualify for warranty.

It also means iPhone owners may be able to use third-party stores offering screen replacements at a better rate than the Apple Store, saving them money.

Vanessa Coleman