Lawyer from Great Bend hired to handle Russian Federation matters for President Trump

WASHINGTON | Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have tried their best to soar gracefully above the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump administration.

For years, the Trump Organization has been outsourcing many of its product manufacturing to Bangladesh, Mexico and China, to make clothing, interior design pieces and other items - not to mention, requested foreign workers to work on his American-based properties.

The poll also found that 63 percent of respondents said it was more important for the federal government to provide health care to low-income Americans than cut taxes, while 27 percent said it was more important to reduce taxes than provide that care.

"You don't know me, but I will know you", wrote Trump's lawyer. He also retained criminal defense attorney Alan Futerfas, a litigator who's defended members of the mob. On ABC's This Week, Sekulow suggested there was nothing "nefarious" about Trump Jr.'s meeting because of the Secret Service. His team is led by Marc Kasowitz of Kasowitz, Benson Torres.

Writing in the Evening Standard, Philip Bobbitt said if Don Jr and Jared Kushner are prosecuted then stepping down as President would be the easiest way out.

Even the number of people who attended the meeting has changed. President Trump has offered a new vision: "the well-being of the American citizen and worker will be placed second to none".

The shift is especially notable because Gorelick has long withstood intense criticism of her representation of Kushner.

Sources said Gorelick will continue to represent Kushner on ethics issues and possible crimes related to false statements on his security clearance form, but she is stepping away from matters that may involve a conflict of interest. Kasowitz apologised after emails of the conversation were made public.

Kushner was at the meeting too, however, and he had oversight of the campaign's digital operations.

WAS IT JARED? Roger Stone, a longtime friend of the president who briefly worked as an adviser on his campaign, suggested last week that Kushner was the culprit. Former FBI Director Bob Mueller, who is overseeing the Justice Department's Russian Federation probe, was a partner with Gorelick.

Stone was set to testify, as well, but his appearance was postponed until after the August recess.

"We have no announcement at this time", a White House spokeswoman said.

The Trump campaign's FEC filing also shows payments to other companies for "legal consulting" since April.

Painter has criticized Trump's team several times.

Even if the ongoing Russian Federation questions don't end in legal consequences for Trump, they can still inflict serious political damage if allowed to needlessly drag out.

Vanessa Coleman