Lake County Now Looking into Cases Involving Gliniewicz

The first officers who responded to Gliniewicz's call for assistance entered the Old Road from opposite sides. The officers found Gliniewicz's body face down to the north of the foot path, and when they rolled it over they saw blood coming from his nose and blood on his neck just above his collar.

Authorities announced last week that Gliniewicz staged his own suicide after stealing thousands from a police youth program. These Fox Lake police reports suggest that from the moment Gliniewicz's colleagues arrived on the scene, their observations pointed to suicide.

Patrick O'Herlihy, a spokesman with BMO Harris Bank, said via email that funds in that memorial fund that are earmarked for the Gliniewicz family are being held pending the results of the ongoing police investigation in the case.

And until the very end, officials never fully ruled out the possibility that two white men and a black man were somehow responsible - the trio Gliniewicz had radioed in he was chasing. As they came closer to meeting in the middle, the police report says they heard a single gunshot.

The Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim says there are over a dozen prosecutions since 2008 involving the late Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz. One responding officer observed that Gliniewicz's hand was empty in a position that would lead to believe he was possibly holding a gun.


Gliniewicz's holster was empty but officials didn't see his gun - which was later found two feet away. A massive manhunt ensued for the three suspects Gliniewicz had indicated he was investigating at the time of his death. 

Vanessa Coleman