Kim Kardashian's waistline measures 24 inches

Prompting Kim to reveal that her waist now measures 24 inches, while her hips are 39 inches.

Over the past two years, the reality star has diligently worked to shed the 70 pounds gained during her two pregnancies.

Fans wonder how Kim's half-sister Kylie will feel about her latest drop, considering lip products are usually Kylie's domain.

Last night, Kim shared a new video on her app titled "Never-Before-Seen Footage of My Book Club", giving her fans a sneak-peek into the group she started with BFFs Chrissy Teigen and celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin past year.

Kim Kardashian's waistline measures 24 inches

Kim then responded that her waist is 24 inches, and it used to be 39 inches. Kourtney chimed in, telling the wife of Kanye West that she couldn't "take her hips seriously right now. because your waist is so small and then your hips are so big". "Because your waist is so small and your hips are so big".

A source told the distribution: 'As far back as the Paris burglary, Kim has rolled out numerous improvements throughout her life. Taking to her app earlier this month, Kim said she "wasn't happy" with the stretch marks that developed on her breasts after breastfeeding North.

"Kim told me, 'I love my body. I love the way it looks and I love my hips, '" Alcantara recently toldPeople. Her routine is targeted to building muscles all around, but especially in her legs.

Alcantara puts Kim through workouts at the makeup mogul's home six days a week at 6 a.m., and also helps the star eat healthy, working with Kim's chefs to plan a diet promoting a healthy balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. She could help direct my food and really get me on an awesome path. "I totally understood where she was coming from". You look great and work hard! "She just keeps it up".

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