Kenya Moore Deletes Comments Made During The 'RHOA' Reunion

Last week's season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta 2016 titled,"Who's Been Naughty Who's Been Nice", began when Phaedra planned her holiday party, but when Porsha came over for a visit, she dropped a bomb on Phaedra regarding Apollo's assets.

Kenya first argued it wasn't fair to attack her looks, but then went on to attack Phaedra's. Even in formalwear, the woman can not resist a Bermuda short.

Through much of the early part of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 6, one of our biggest concerns was whether or not Kim Fields was bringing much to the table when it comes to drama. Though plenty of the season's hot topics and subsequent shade were discussed, everyone ended part one of the reunion with their weaves still intact - a small miracle in itself. After reviewing the last 20 episodes of shade, the women assess that "Shaedra Parks" gives it the best, and just as a little proof, I give you her response to Kenya getting mad at her for calling her "oatmeal pie face": "I'm not attacking your looks; I'm attacking your skin".

Host Andy Cohen said, "It sounds like you're separated".

This week on part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion the ladies sit down to discuss their issues. "I can't really tell you anything right now", Kenya said with a smile. Cynthia Bailey said she didn't think Kim was judgmental of the others, just that she seemed really "uncomfortable", and Porsha said she'd hoped Kim would transform from judgmental newbie into more of a beloved "aunt" of the group. She maintains that she's not, even when Porsha and Phaedra list all the ways in which she is a bully. Kim said she was lucky to have her husband there to help calm her down and Cynthia added Kim handled the situation maturely. And her constant questioning of Kim Fields' body of work is absurd. Phaedra says "After the baby was born I reached out to her and asked if there was anything she needed and Kandi asked me for a chicken salad". One of which talks about Phaedra's impersonation of Kenya. I hope all of your donkey booties are in decent shape because we are never seeing that footage.

She was then asked about meeting Porsha and Sheree says "It was an experience".

"You pushed her to a breaking point and didn't get the reaction you deserved".

"When Phaedra and I have disagreements on the show, I don't try to go all the way in", Burruss continued, "so sometimes I feel like I'm at a disadvantage because that's going past the line of friendship, or whatever". They also talk about when terrible Don Juan inserted himself in Phaedra and Porsha's conversation about Todd, which somehow leads to Kandi quiver-screaming, "DON'T GO IN AND LET HAVE IF IT'S NOT TRUE!"

Vanessa Coleman