Katy Perry's dad defends her like a pro

The father of pop singer Katy Perry, Keith Hudson, was the target of a weird rant by a conservative Christian activist blaming him for her son's actions, the Frisky reported. The incident shown in the woman's home video, obtained by TMZ, took place outside of a Christian radio station in Phoenix, Arizona.

Which is really more of an insult to John Mayer and Russell Brand, if you think about it. She goes on to accuse him of being an accomplice in the "damnation" of millions of Katy Perry fans, and says Katy is responsible for the damnation of her own son because he watches the pop star's music videos. You know, the one who wears swirling confections on her breasts and enlists Teletubbies to be her back up dancers? The woman recorded how she accosted Hudson in video. Fortunately, that didn't happen and the woman eventually walked away.

Hudson told TMZ this is the first time he's been so viciously confronted over his daughter and believed the woman was going to physically assault him.

She tells him: "I watched the video ET made by your daughter". I stood there and wept and kept on weeping and weeping.

However, the evangelist has since mellowed towards Katy and was even happy his daughter was the main entertainer in the last Super Bowl halftime show.

Vanessa Coleman