Karlie Kloss 'truly sorry' for geisha photoshoot in 'Vogue'

Anger over the geisha-inspired spread comes just days after Vogue earned social media wrath for the March issue's cover image featuring a clutch of now popular young models. In one image, she posed alongside a sumo wrestler and in another, walked down the stairs of a tea house wearing a kimono.

Karlie Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner for a while now.

Pictured inside: Karlie out in St. Barts on Monday (February 13).

On the other hand, while Vogue has come under fire, Teen Vogue has been praised for its political coverage and recent shift toward social issues, identity, and activism. On Twitter, as the images hit the web, there was immediate backlash, with many saying that what she was doing was not only culturally appropriative but actually yellowface. The lingerie company apologized and did not include the outfit in the show's television broadcast.

The photoshoot took place in Japan, and while the stated goal was to pay tribute to a 1966 Vogue shoot, some felt it was still guilty of cultural appropriation and highly offensive.

FILE - This Dec. 5, 2016 file photo Model Karlie Kloss poses for photographers at the Fashion Awards in London. While Jacobs did issue an official apology for dressing Kloss and her supermodel counterpart Gigi Hadid in the controversial dreadlock wigs, an apology from Kloss can't be found for that particular incident.

Karlie Kloss dressed as a geisha in US Vogue's March issue. She's only 24 and has been a top model for years and seems pretty much universally admired and beloved.

Kloss has apologised for taking part in a shoot "that was not culturally sensitive" and said the images "appropriate a culture that is not my own".

Mic has reached out to Vogue for comment.

Vanessa Coleman