Jury acquits former United States cop in fatal shooting of black man

In August, Heaggan-Brown is expected to face another jury trial on the charges of sexually assaulting someone during the demonstrations following Smith's death a year earlier.

Similarly, the Black Lives Matter movement can be expected to use the incident to incite anti-police sentiment, just as they continue to use the justified killing of Michael Brown who also attacked a police officers (Brown was unarmed).

"Obviously, [Heaggan-Brown's] very pleased".

Heaggan-Brown's attorney Jonathan Smith, said by telephone that no officer wants to use deadly force, but his client did what he was trained to do.

Smith's family has already filed a lawsuit against Heaggan-Brown and the city.

Officers chased Smith on foot after he ran from a traffic stop near 44th and Auer.

"He looked like a known dude that fled from us plenty of times before", Heaggan-Brown said.

In his initial statement past year, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Smith pointed a gun at the officers.

A search warrant for the vehicle Smith was seen running from was found to have cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs in it. The shaky footage shows him trailing behind Heaggan-Brown, who is chasing Smith. Heaggan-Brown shot Smith on his right bicep as he threw the gun away over a fence.

This is the moment Smith was shot twice - once before, and once after he threw the gun.

"Hollow-point bullets are created to inflict damage on the people they hit and, though outlawed by the Geneva conventions, are used by the Milwaukee Police Department", the lawsuit states. "It's not. We have to go back - and I can't tell exactly how many frames but we have to go back two-tenths or three-tenths of a second - we have to go back several frames ... to delve into the decision-making process that goes into firing this shot".

In the Smith shooting, Heaggan-Brown claimed self defense while prosecutors say Smith became unarmed between two gunshots fired within two seconds of each other. Heaggan-Brown later told investigators he fired this second shot because he thought Smith was reaching toward his waist.

Smith's shooting was among a string of killings of blacks by police in recent years that have increased debate about race and policing. Smith and Heaggan-Brown are both black.

He shot a second bullet into Smith's chest 1.69 seconds later. The shooting last August had led to days of protests and violence.

Prosecutors focused on the second of two shots aimed at Smith, saying he was no longer armed by that time and the officer should not have fired again.

They pulled up on a vehicle parked too far from the curb that they suspected of being involved in a drug transaction.

In the body camera audio, which was activated 30 seconds after the shooting, Heaggan-Brown was heard yelling at Smith: "Stop reaching".

Vanessa Coleman