Julie Bishop extends sympathy over climber Maria Strydom killed on Everest

Ms. Bishop said consular assistance was being provided to the family of Monash University lecturer Maria Strydom, 34, of Melbourne, who died from altitude sickness while descending the mountain. "The last two disasters on Everest were caused by nature, but not this one".

Subash Pal, 44, reportedly died overnight while being helped down the mountain by two Sherpa guides, said Wangchu Sherpa of Trekking Camp Nepal in Kathmandu. He was in a group of more than 40 climbers who reached the 29,035-foot summit on Friday, according to Reuters.

Apart from the three deaths, two other Indian climbers have been missing on Everest since Saturday, and hiking officials said chances of finding them alive were slim.

Many climbers without any experience crowd Everest every year, and companies often use poor quality equipment.offering cheap packages to clients who are exposed to security risks.

Another team member, an Indian woman who had fallen sick, was resting at a camp at a safer altitude.

In an interview with ABC, Sherpa said, "After reaching the summit yesterday she said she was feeling very weak and suffering from a loss of energy. signs of altitude sickness".

"We will then discuss (retrieving) her body".

"Both climbers had adequate oxygen cylinders when they made the final push for the summit".

"I met Dutch mountaineer Eric Arnold in Kathmandu in April the day before he was set to leave for Base Camp to make his fourth official attempt to climb Mount Everest".

Thousands of people have reached the top of Everest since New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay first did it in 1953, but more than 250 people have died, trying.

Almost 400 of those climbers reached the summit since May 11.

Meanwhile, an Indian woman suffered severe frostbite injuries near Camp IV after climbing Everest from the Nepal side.

There have been successful ascents from the Chinese side too, including Lhakpa Sherpa, a Nepalese woman now living permanently in the United States and working in a convenience store in CT, who reached the peak from Tibet on Friday - breaking her own record for the most Everest climbs by a woman.

Nepal and the Everest climbing community had been anxious for a successful season this year.

Eric Arnold, a 36-year-old triathlete based in Rotterdam, died at night of a suspected heart attack.

Only one climber summited the mountain in 2014 after an avalanche killed 16 Nepali guides that year. Nepal's devastating quake past year caused an avalanche that killed 19 people at the base camp, and in 2014, an avalanche above base camp killed 16 Sherpa guides. The trek-company confirmed on Sunday it was still on the mountain.

Vanessa Coleman