Johnny Depp sued for allegedly attacking crew member of movie set

A crew member on the upcoming film "City of Lies" has filed suit against star Johnny Depp, claiming the financially strapped actor physically and verbally assaulted him on set - and offered up to $100,000 for the crew member to punch him in the face.

The lawsuit says Furman forced Brooks to go beyond his duties and tell Depp himself that shooting had to end.

Bodyguards for the 55-year-old, who Brooks claims appeared to be drunk during his tirade, subsequently removed him from the set of the biographical crime thriller, which is based on the murder investigations of rap icons Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

Brooks said he was sacked from the "City of Lies" production three days later after he refused to sign a release giving up his right to sue Depp over the incident.

However, when things weren't going to plan, this is when Brooks had to inform Depp, who reportedly "reeked of alcohol", that he only had one more shot. Brooks alleges that Depp attacked him, and even told him he'd give him $100,000 to punch him in the face, and now Brooks is understandably seeking legal action. That conversation was seemingly cut short when the apparently booze on the breath Pirates of the Caribbean star supposedly start screaming obscenities at Brooks and proceeded to strike him "twice in the lower left side of his rib cage and causing pain". In a statement, Furman declared Depp to be "a consummate professional", and said the situation was "a non-event".

Brooks also claims in the documents - filed by his attorney Arbella Azizian, of counsel at the law firm Baker, Olson, LeCroy & Danielian - that he returned to work three days later only to be asked by producer Miriam Segal to sign a document saying he would not sue production. City of Lies is expected to hit theaters September 7.

TMZ said its attempts for a comment from Depp's representatives were unsuccessful.

Depp has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Vanessa Coleman