Jessie Vargas claims that Conor McGregor was knocked out by Bradley Wheeler

Bradley had initially spent two weeks sparring with McGregor in the Dublin based Straight Blast Gym before the two-weight UFC champion jetted off for a round of press conferences to promote what is expected to be the richest showdown in the history of the fight game.

In an interview with Villainfy Media, Vargas said: "I heard that they tried Bradley Wheeler but he knocked him out". 'I have no doubt. "It's a 99 per cent win".

McGregor doesn't just plan on defeating the boxing great, but he also has plans to run Showtime after the fight is over. Though he received no response, at least not publicly, that hasn't stopped WWE from dropping the fighters' names in various promos - most notably in the case of Enzo Amore. "Conor wanted this. I wanted it, too", Mayweather, 40, told Talksport.

"Conor is making a lot of money and so am I. The fans want to see this".

"So me, using my trash-talking ability that I have, me knowing that I'm one of the better known fighters in the business, I kind of put myself at the forefront".

After having further talks with McGregor's camp after the tour, Malignaggi has agreed to come on-board and while he's not sure exactly what he'll be used for or how long his services will be required, he does expect the two to trade punches in the ring. "I think given the opportunity to come to the WWE, I think he would thrive". "I am a confident young man".

Vanessa Coleman