Jane Austen £10 polymer note in circulation

Today the Bank of England puts the brand new £10 note into circulation.

Previous year the £5 notes brought into circulation featuring Winston Churchill with serial numbers beginning with AA01 were trading hands on online markets places for up to £3,000.

The Bank of England said it would gradually start withdrawing the roughly 800 million 10 pound paper notes in circulation as they are banked by retailers and businesses.

At the same time she had a very similar note on sale for £45.

Here's a Bank of England film that explains all you need to know about the new tenner.

Below the see-through window is a silver foil patch.

On the side of the note with the Queen's head on, there is a "10" which appears in bright red and green when shone under UV light.

The new tenner is the first Bank of England note with a tactile feature to help blind and partially-sighted users.

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Can I still spend my old paper notes? "[We have] note taken this decision lightly", the Bank said on the matter.

How much will these be worth?

As far as the new Indian currency is concerned, the height of the Rs 200 note is 66 mm x 146 mm according to RBI.

A commemorative polymer five pound note to mark the turn of the millennium was the first polymer note in the United Kingdom, issued by Northern Bank of Northern Ireland in 2000.

A new £20 note featuring artist JMW Turner will follow in 2020.

This number is broken into two parts, the first (which indicated the batch) is a combination of letters and numbers, and the second is a six-digit number (indicating what number it was in said batch).

On the reverse of the note is Jane Austen's portrait with a quotation from her best known work, Pride and Prejudice, which says: 'I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading.' The line is from a character called Caroline Bingley who, in fact, has no interest in books and is merely trying to impress Mr Darcy, a potential suitor.

16 121775 and 18 071817 may just sound like random digits, but as they match Austen's date of birth and death respectively, a collector somewhere may well be interested.

It told This is Money that there will be a mixture of serial numbered notes coming today.

The Queen was given the first note - numbered AA01 000001 - but dozens in London were hoping to pick up others beginning with the lucrative serial number. The Bank of England will release a statement three months before the date, so we've got plenty of time to keep spending them.

It also includes raised dots on the top right hand corner on the front of the note.

In fact, that note could be worth little more than face value.

Vanessa Coleman