Ivanka Trump insisted her dad was 'not a racist,' new book says

The new book by Vicky Ward - who has published investigative books on NY real estate mogul Harry Macklowe as well as the Lehman Brothers - called "Kushner Inc." not only details the couple's accent, but also their role as "chief enablers" to President Trump.

Ward revealed clashes between Kushner and Ivanka Trump with high-profile aides in the Trump administration.

And there is also a report on how Trump's former top economic adviser Gary Cohn tore into Kushner after he learned the president's son-in-law dined with executives from the Chinese company Anbang, which was considering investing in the Kushner family's troubled property at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

"You've got to be insane", Cohn reportedly scolded Kushner.

Vicky Ward also alleges that Kushner's spouse Ivanka Trump had interjected in phone conversations between Donald Trump and foreign officials - presumably, in violation of her duty of loyalty.

After Kelly advised Trump it would be too hard to fire them, the pair allegedly settled on making Ivanka and Jared's lives in the West Wing hard so they would want to resign.

"Dude", the reporter said, "what did you do to Jared and Ivanka?"

"That's not what he said", she allegedly insisted.

Upon receiving it and realizing it gone to the printer, McGahn said, 'Oh, f***!'

The exchange is chronicled in a book about the rise to power at the White House of Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, which will hit bookstores next week, The New York Times reported.

At issue were a set of emails contradicting a statement Donald Trump Jr. gave to the New York Times, in which he described his contact with the Russians as "a short, introductory meeting" during which he, Kushner, and Trump's campaign chairman at the time, Paul Manafort, "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children". The author, on her own website, listed this book in the category of "fiction" - until recently changing it.

Ward countered on Twitter "the 220 people I interviewed for the book might beg to disagree". "Correcting everything wrong would take too long and be pointless".

Vanessa Coleman