It looks like Multiplayer Might Finally Come to No Man's Sky

That being said, if you didn't like No Man's Sky at launch I'm not sure the updates and changes it's received so far will be enough to bring you back yet.

"No Man's Sky" was largely anticipated in August past year, but as the game did not live up to the hype for many players, Hello Games received a lot of criticism, some even involved death threats as well as attempts to hack the website. Significant new elements include a preliminary implementation of multiplayer features, 30 hours of story content alongside a revamped quest system, the ability to edit terrain, and an overhauled galactic economy. One feature of note that players may be interested in is 'joint exploration.' This is essentially the game's multiplayer... sort of.

Players who come close to each other will see their fellow travellers visualised as unusual floating orbs, and will be able to travel with them and meet up on other planets. While the game developer admitted that interaction with others in the game is nothing to cheer about, a report from Gamespot suggests the developer team behind "No Man's Sky" could probably be prepping to take this further.

The game's developer, Hello Games, named this update "Atlas Rises", and it will zoom in on the improvements made to the game's central story. The number of lore and interactions have been doubled. You can read about all the changes here, but almost every aspect of the game has been touched, changed, or improved in some way.

An upcoming update to No Man's Sky - titled "Atlas Rises" - figures to add a few new things to the game that fans were hoping would have shipped with the original version of the title. An Xbox One release hasn't been ruled out, but there's no word on when-or if-it will ever come to that console. At some point in the future, we'll see synchronous co-op within No Man's Sky, and this is the first step toward that. Players near each other can talk over voice chat, but they can't interact in any other way and can only see up to 16 other players at a time.

A new alien race has been added and each planet's identity has also been deepened. That Hello Games continue to support No Man's Sky in this fashion can only be seen as a positive, given how fascinating the game was at the concept stage. Ships can also use rockets which the player can upgrade. There's now a mission system, new ships, interstellar trading and oh so much more.

Vanessa Coleman