Israel Rejects New Ceasefire Deal For Southern Syria

"Israel has already made it clear that it shall not accept Iran and its affiliates and proxies basing themselves in Syria, which will be a permanent threat and a constant source of tension, friction and instability". It considered that the civil war serves Israeli purposes - a sectarian swamp in which "Hezbollah" and Iranian powers get involved with "ISIS" and thought that they must have lost a lot of militants during the past three years.

Netanyahu has publicly criticized the US-Russian ceasefire deal in Syria, saying that it does not include any provisions to stop Iranian expansion near Israel's northern border.

As for Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns against the new realities and believes that "when Daesh is banished from a place, Iran replaces it".

Israel's regional cooperation minister, Tzachi Hanegbi said that the deal "does not meet Israel's unequivocal demand the there will not be developments that bring the forces of Hezbollah or Iran to the Israel-Syria border in the north".

In a statement, the military said it intercepted the drone above the Golan Heights using a Patriot missile. He said he had informed the United States and Russian Federation of Israel's stance.

Iranian-backed forces in Syria could reportedly remain as close as 3 miles from Israel's border under a recent cease-fire agreement reached by the United States, Russia and Jordan.

On Monday, Assad's regime accused the USA and its allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of carrying out "new bloody massacres" in the former ISIS strongholds of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

Israel shot down a Syrian spy drone over the Golan Heights on Saturday, the Israeli military said.

"It was a reconnaissance UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and not an attack UAV and we are checking whether there is any connection to Iran and Hizballah", Conricus said. In order to end it, the American and Russian presidents discussed the issue in Vietnam and seemed to agree that the military solution had failed and that there should be a "peaceful solution".

The reason for this move, according to Reuters, citing an Israeli official, is to separate between rival factions inside Syria. Due to these concerns Israel has admitted to carrying out some 100 airstrikes against Hezbollah targets and weapons convoys over the past five years.

Like the rest of the region, Israel underestimated in the beginning the Iranian infiltration in Syria.

Vanessa Coleman