ISIL calls for attacks on Miss Universe pageant

Tourism officials in the Philippines said the threat from an Islamic State-related group to bomb the Miss Universe pageant in 2017 was "serious".

Agence France-Presse reported that the Department of Tourism (DOT) is taking the threat seriously.

The video offers a downloadable clip on how to make your own suicide belt, as well as a 49-page guide in English on how to manufacture explosives.

Addressing "brothers who love martyrdom", a jihadi issued a widespread threat, urging terrorist supporters to "target the blood of foreigners whose nations have participated in the war against ISIS", according to Fox News.

The Department of Tourism has assured the public that the Miss Universe pageant will not bring the traffic pandemonium that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings did past year, state news reported.

ISIS leaders have always been encouraging supporters to launch local attacks in their native countries if the possibility of traveling to fight alongside the Islamic State in the group's Syria and Iraq Caliphate is not feasible.

Potential recruits, both men and women, are encouraged to use Telegram's secret chat functionality to coordinate attacks.

Aside from coming up with a solution to the potential traffic jam the Miss Universe pageant is going to cause, the PHC is also tasked to facilitate the arrival and mobility of each and every Miss Universe candidate along with their security at each venue.

ISIS has reportedly been gaining strength in the Southeast Asian region.

Photos appear to show four heavily-armed trucks and around a dozen SAS troops defending a Syrian rebel base following an attack by crazed ISIS jihadis. The counterterrorism organization Site Intel Group also tweeted about the ISIS scare in the Philippines. If you can not do that, send your sons to the land of jihad in the Philippines.

Vanessa Coleman