Is This The Touchscreen Amazon Echo?

Rumours suggest that Amazon is working on a smart camera - dubbed the Echo Look - that uses Alexa to give fashion advice to its users.

Purported image of Amazon's upcoming touchscreen Echo.

And by bigger, we mean bigger.

It was reported previous year that Amazon was working on a new Amazon Echo, and a photo, leaked by AFTVnews, seems to show the upcoming device. with a built-in touchscreen.

CNET recently reported that Amazon was likely to reveal a new Echo device with a built-in screen within the next month. It's unclear from the picture whether the screen is touch-sensitive, but there are six dots near the bottom, seemingly for swiping through additional pages.

While there is not much information available except the image above, it seems pretty hard to figure out what this new device is capable of.

Cambridge University, one of the UK's top tier academic institutions, has a strong focus on science - explaining why a raft of tech firms (not just Amazon) have chosen to site R&D efforts there. And as we still don't know exactly what the rumored device will be able to do, its capabilities could help critics overlook its seemingly dated design. The Echo Look is priced at $199.99 and can be purchased only by invitation.

Apparently AFTVnews did some digging on Amazon's servers and located a low-res image for the device. With that being said, I think this is arguably the most goofy looking device Amazon has in the pipeline, if the image ends up being accurate. But we'll hold our judgment (sort of) until we get to see the real thing. Assuming Amazon builds a visual interface that allows users to navigate through commands, in addition to speaking them aloud, a screen would be convenient in particular situations.

Vanessa Coleman