Is Taylor Swift in the Suitcase Coming Out of Her Apartment?

On Monday, a screenshot of the captioned photo made the rounds, leading some fans to believe that Swift might have been "transported in a huge suitcase from her Tribecca apartment".

Photos of Taylor Swift supposedly being carried out of her NY apartment in a large suitcase have caught the internet's attention, but it's pretty clear that the "Bad Blood" singer probably isn't pulling an Adele.

Taylor Swift could be filling up the blank space inside a suitcase.

"'Me, a pleb: I pack my clothes in a suitcase when I need to travel'".

"You can absolutely expect more Taylor Swift music", he told E!

And the Snapchats supposedly proved that Taylor had planned to act surprised by the lyric the entire time.

Of course we are totally kidding, there's no way that this could be true and on revisiting the Splash News website it seems that they have corrected what we are assuming to be an error in the captioning of the image.

Forget the fact that Taylor Swift was rumoured to have been carried out her hotel in an actual suitcase in the most batshit rumour of 2017 so far (she wasn't, by the way), it's also been exactly a year since that feud with Kim Kardashian first kicked off.

"A fleet of cars including two large cadillacs and three SUVs arrive at Tailor [sic] Swift's apartment in Tribecca to move a large suitcase from apartment to truck", the caption continued. "Nearly a dozen of Taylor Swift security guards were present to move this package carefully as Taylor Swift remains to be unseen for a long time".

Adele admitted that she has crawled inside a box in order to be transported to stage for concerts. The poster of said snap claimed that Swift was inside the box.

Vanessa Coleman