Is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Being Ignored During India Visit?

In Agra, where he visited the Taj Mahal, Trudeau was not welcomed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

It's still not certain whether an Amarinder-Trudeau meet is on the cards when the Trudeaus visit Amritsar's Golden Temple later this week.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday toured the Taj Mahal with his wife and children as he began a week-long visit to promote trade and investment with India.

The monument was out of bounds for the public from 9.40 am and 11.40 am for Trudeau's visit. The issue of support for Khalistani groups in Canada was also raised during Sajjan's visit to India previous year.

PM Modi had once tweeted that we needed more humour in public life and it appears Congress MP Shashi Tharoor agrees with the sentiment.

However, they add it should also be remembered that when Modi visited Canada in 2016, he was also not received at the airport by Trudeau.

Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara and PM Narendra Modi at Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat last month.

The Taj Mahal, crafted in marble, is India's most famous tourist attraction which draws tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Justin Trudeau and his family arrive in Gujarat.

Trudeau's youngest son, Hadrien, captured the attention of the local media, as he ran into the arms of his father who affectionately threw him into the air and caught him.

The Trudeaus visited Gandhi's ashram, greeting the crowd with "Namaste".

"A lovely place of peace, humility and truth, that is as needed today as it ever was", Justin Trudeau wrote in visitors book on his arrival to Sabarmati Ashram.

The Canadian family took a trip to Akshardham Temple and met religious leaders and paid homage to Swaminarayan.

The Canadian premier will meet Indian political leaders, civil society figures and corporate executives between ceremonial visits to religious sites and national memorials.

It may be noted that Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1984.Braj Bhushan, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) commandant of the Taj Mahal unit in Agra, termed Trudeau's visit as good and said that the Canadian leader and his family were accorded with special police protection.

Vanessa Coleman