IPhone 8 Screen Could Be Bigger Than iPhone 7 Plus

A few recent analysts reports have said that Apple could be thinking up new ways to use biometric technology in the upcoming iPhone, and having a feature that digitally scans a person's face might be it. Since then, the iPhone 6s duo and the iPhone 7 duo have both featured what is essentially the same design. However, there was confusion on whether it would be 5 inches or 5.8 inches. As such, the front panel will have a 5.15-inch display and the remaining space will be reserved for a row of virtual buttons.

All that technological innovation will come at a price, of course. According to KGI Securities and Wall Stree Journal, Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch iPhone with LCD display along with a premium version of iPhone 8 will sport OLED display. For one, OLED screens display richer colors, better contrast, and better brightness than LCD screens to make anything on the screen look very good.

So far, the publication says that the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition will definitely come with a 5-inch screen, dual-lens cameras as well as wireless charging.

Previous rumors have already identified an increase in price.

The iPhone 8 has gained an incredible amount of hype for months now due to the fact that it could be the first Apple smartphone to use an OLED display panel. But, the company is said to be still experimenting with numerous designs and prototypes. Speculation of a ceramic iPhone commenced immediately after Apple unveiled Apple Watch Edition Series 2 last September. At meltyStyle, we cannot wait to discover the future apple smartphone! This results in reports like the one mentioned here.

iPhone 8/7S to feature Touch ID under screen, facial recognition? For the past couple of years, the main production on the iPhone has started in August - just in time to release the phone to stores in September.

Anyway, the pressure for Apple to perform in 2017 has stepped up after Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks revealed Samsung is also planning a significant smartphone redesign and Google will be back with the second generation of its impressive Pixel and Pixel XL. Those handsets have been widely rumoured for release in September.

Vanessa Coleman