Innovative Online Lead Management System to Be Released by Voiptime

The system will help to organize lead nurturing, manage workflow and systematize client data. The solution will be online – based, accessible not only from a work computer, but from any device with the internet access. 

October 7, 2016 – Voiptime Cloud, a leading call center and sales solutions developer, announced the upcoming release of a modern Online Lead Management System.

The leading online sales solution will feature:

● Flexible client card fields;

● Ability to register SIP numbers;

● Calendar;

● E-mail integration;

● Interaction history;

● Ability to attach documents to client cards;

● Lead assigning;

● Lead filtering;

● Lead statistics;

● Lead tracking;

● Start working with Voiptime Lead Management System.

To start managing leads with Voiptime LMS no expensive software or hardware is required. You just need to register and to confirm the registration by clicking on a link, sent to your email. After the registration choose the monthly plan according to your company needs.

The Voiptime business lead management system will offer to import leads from your business or personal email. If you have client data in an Excel file, you can upload it directly to LMS and start working right away. The Voiptime solution supports files with extension .xlsx.

All leads can be grouped by Sales Representative responsible for them or by project. Client data can be sorted with filters (by company, name, region, city etc); new subgroups for separate sales projects and campaigns can be created.

The attractive and easy-to-use calendar helps to set tasks, callbacks and reminders to work with leads persistently. No important client interaction will be missed with the reminder system. Time Zone feature will help you to schedule calls in the best appropriate time.

Register a SIP number and call clients cost-effectively. All calls will be recorded and carefully stored inside of the system, so you or your colleagues can listen to it to clarify details if needed.

The system will allow attaching relevant documents (commercial offers, NDA, bills) to client card, so all lead information is stored in one place.

As a SaaS solution, you can access Voiptime Lead Management System online 24/7 from any device with the internet connection.

The best lead generation management system will be released in October 2016. After introducing SaaS LMS, Voiptime will finish designing online call center solution with Predictive Dialer mode.

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