Indiana Teen Severely Burned After Taking Part in Viral 'Hot Water Challenge'

Kyland Clark said his friends meant to play a simple prank on him, inspired by the "Hot Water Challenge". "I'm just blessed that he's still breathing".

Kyland Clark, of Indianapolis, said that he and his friends were watching videos of the challenge last week on YouTube before he fell asleep, and that his friend had attempted the challenge as a joke, Fox 59 reported.

"My skin just fell off my chest, and then I looked in the mirror and I had skin falling off here and, on my face", he told the station.

The teenager ran to a bathroom to try and escape the pain. One of the boys at the sleepover heated up water in the microwave and poured it on Nickolas Conrad's neck, his mother told KARK. A 10-year-old boy in North Carolina was taken to the hospital second and third degree burns after trying the Hot Water Challenge with his step-brother just days earlier.

The social media challenge left the teen with second-degree burns to the face, and on his chest and back.

"To see my baby, all burned up like that, it was heartbreaking", said his mother, Andrea Clark. Doctors say they're starting to see more of these so-called internet challenges land people in the emergency room.

Some online challenges produce positive changes and are worth promoting so that they can go viral and help people.

BartKus says it's possible that people who do the challenge could end up with permanent disfigurement due to burns on the body or burns to the airway that could result in death.

Kyland's mom Andrea still can't shake the sight of her son's injuries. "It could have been worse".

Clark described to WKRG how he received the serious injuries shortly after he and a friend looked up the "Hot Water Challenge" on YouTube.

"If you hear them talking about challenges, I don't care what type of challenge it is, let them know that it's not a good idea", she said. However, doctors reportedly told Kyland that his skin will take several months to heal.

Vanessa Coleman